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Basically major airlines are terrified of hiring two kinds of people...

Those with serious undisclosed background issues (DUI, criminal, employment problems, training problems). These are the worst, because they have skeletons and, more importantly, lie about them.

People with significant personality deviations, including borderline mental health problems.

Any background glitch will be considered in light of how it reflects on the character/stability of the individual, and their honesty. The obvious take-away... honesty goes a long way, that and enough time will overcome most black marks.

A major would like to acquire ALL possible information about you, limited only by cost. They are practically limited by state labor laws, which typically limit what info they can acquire, how they acquire it, and how they can use it... this is important, if they don't ask about it, don't tell them. They may be legally prevented from asking, but if you tell them they will likely consider the info, at least informally. An interview is not confessional. Don't lie, and do err on the conservative side if you're not sure about what they're asking but don't offer detrimental info which they didn't ask for.

That said I think some majors (based on their HQ state law) may be able to check your credit/civil court history, while others may not.

A recent BK is probably not going to reflect well on you if they have that info. They are looking for inherently responsible people. There may have been mitigating circumstances, but everyone will have an excuse and they don't have the resources to try to validate your excuse so they'll typically move on to someone else. Your best help here is the passage of time, if you were young and it was ten years or more in the past I would think it would have minimal impact. Again some employers may not even be able to consider credit history in hiring.

Regionals with hire anyone with 1475 hours and a medical cert. They don't want to know about your background... wink, wink, plausible deniability. Except you need to meet federal SIDA requirements and no DUIs within five years (for canada ops, which applies to most regionals).
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