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Default Insomnia and the FAA?

I have had two episodes of "transient" insomnia in the last few months... usually brought on by periods of stress and/or change in environmental factors, but not due to any underlying medical issues as I am fit as a fiddle. In my first case, it just went away after a couple days. However my second case was very recent and has lasted three nights, and I did go to my PCP for an Ambien prescription. Because I will have to report this visit on my next medical application (due several months from now), will it open up a can of worms for me? Will the FAA want more information? In the FAAs "Guide for Medical Examiners" it says "Medical conditions that CHRONICALLY interfere with sleep are disqualifying", yet they list insomnia as a "primary sleep disorder" without classifying it into different levels of severity. According to other information I have found at, there are 3 levels of insomnia, ranging from transient (lasts a few nights, not related to underlying medical conditions), short-term, and chronic.

The FAA does allow occasional use of Ambien on their accepted medications list. Currently I do not fly, so the time interval from use to flying isn't relevant for me. Also, assuming my insomnia disappears again as before, then at my next medical I would not have to report anything on Box 17a, "Do you currently use any Medication?", correct? Does transient insomnia need to be reported in Medical History section as a "mental disorder"? I am certain that chronic insomnia would, but not sure about transient.

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