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Originally Posted by Boris Badenov View Post
It is two years on the 2000 (which seems crazy to me, but I guess people are doing it). I think the 50 is still just one year. Not sure whether pro-rated for new hires, but my contract for changing equipment was pro-rated. Don't know the number on the 2000, but the 50 contract seemed to be for the actual cost of the training, not inflated, as far as I could tell. I'm still fairly happy, QOL on the road hasn't changed. I've been getting broken airplanes left right and center, so a fair amount of sitting around (which I don't really mind, but some people hate). I flew less than 20 hours last month, but that is definitely an outlier number. New DO has been making good noises about making "career pathing" more transparent, but as of now they're just noises...I guess we'll see. As far as I know they are hiring in to the 50 and the 2000, right seat. I'm not aware of any F/Os on the Gulfstream being hired directly, I believe they've all been internal. Doesn't hurt to ask, though! Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info I applied today prefer the 50 if its only one year contract. Do you get a lot of pop trips back side of clock trips ie been up since 6 am and they give you a trip departing at 11 pm ? Are all fleets home based ? when your on for 12 will are they still extend you without your consent ? Appreciate the info !!
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