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Originally Posted by BackseatPilot View Post
So I'm down here for training (in Orlando) and need a Class I physical. Anyone have suggestions? A quick Internet search gave me John Shewmaker. Anyone have experience with him?

This is not a comment on him in particular, but it something you should consider. If something comes up that causes a denial, the AME who finds it is the one you'll be working with to get it cleared up and back flying. I wouldn't just drop into someone for a one time medical, this is a guy you want to have a relationship with since he'll be the one determining if you have a career or not. You live somewhere else and get denied? You'll be buying a ticket to get back to that guy, or going to a local guy who will now see you as someone who has been denied and will need to start from scratch to get your medical back. You really want someone local to you.
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