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Originally Posted by ladder1423 View Post
If this is low moral I would hate what he would say about other regionals. I came from Comair, there was not too many happy pilots there, and if they were happy it is because they were able to hold a line with 11 days off because they were a Captain on reserve for 8 years. With those whopping 11 days off he got a whole 78 hours of credit too. Grass is always greener on the other side unless A: you haven't lived on the otherside or B: with Americans short term memory they just forget what the other side was like. I agree with forcing a company to "pay up" and give what you deserve, but ALPA??? That is like asking France to help us in the next war.
Asking help from ALPA is like asking france to help in the next war? Now that's funny right there.
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