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Originally Posted by BusCapt View Post
Thank you Ray Red. I actually prefer red-eyes (been a vampire for the last few years). So, taking this into consideration, you recommend 73 over 717 in LAX?

I just got the CJO today and they are talking about an April 8th class date....
You really can't go wrong either way. Movement will be faster on the 717, but 2nd year pay isn't as much. I'm on the 717 right now and have no desire to switch. Getting the schedule you want, vacations, days off is worth more to me than the hourly increase by going to the 73N or 7ER. Plus if you are senior in your seat you are able to more easily bid to fly with LCA's and then get bought off when they are doing OE.

Congrats on getting hired. you will like it here.
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