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Default Hiring info for UPS in 2008

Dont know much about what is going to happen with regards to hiring, but this was sent out today by our union...

Hope this helps


Several variables could result in a UPS hiring lull in 2008.
Pending age 60 legislation and the retirement of the B747 Classic
after peak 2008 are factors that will determine whether UPS hires
additional pilots next year. UPS Training/Scheduling Manager
Craig Luthin told the Oct. 22 edition of the Flight Times no
official decision has been made on whether to hire or not. "The
jury is still out for 2008. We told HR there are a lot of variables
here. If Age 60 legislation passes, which appears to be so close,
that would allow what would otherwise be excess second officers,
over 60 folks, to bid back up," said Luthin. Given these factors,
Luthin said UPS expects a hiring lull. However, he says the Company
will need more crews when the new B767s arrive. Three will be
delivered in 2009 and one a month for a total of 12 in 2010.
So, what happens if there are delays with the Age 60 legislation?
Luthin said they would have to hire at some point later in the
year. Another unknown is exactly how many age 60 crewmembers
would retire even if the mandatory pilot retirement age changes.
For more information on this story as well as an update on the
Age 60 legislation, please make sure to see the October 22 issue
of the Flight Times available today electronically
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