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Talking JetBlue March 8th and 9th Interview

For all of those in Phase 2 "Limbo", Congradulations! Welcome to Purgatory.

I interviewed on the 8th. I had copies of FAA, PRIA, and training records waiting for me in the mail the day I returned from the interview but haven't had my references called yet. I have heard about how busy they are and don't expect to hear from anyone for at least a few more weeks.

Have a friend that interviewed in the January class and still hasn't heard (10 weeks +). I have read they are starting to call those in the Jan interviews for classes starting in April. Haven't heard anyone get a May class date yet.

The good news is that a very high majority of phase 2 people are hired. I can't give a number but a friend that works at B6, says it is a "very very very high number". As long as you don't try to hide anything and have been honest with them, you should be fine.

JetBlue is one of the top three airlines in the world, in my opinion. I am very proud and excited to have been chosen to interview and wish everyone the best of luck.

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