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Originally Posted by phlying4fun View Post
Just received this info. It begins March 1, 2018 and is for all airplanes, King Air, or Citations (560 or X), salary

8 on 6 off schedule. Home based (limited to certain cities).

Any questions, I can try to answer on here if/when I am free.
Explain this home base option, what do you mean certain cities?

Also explain this review I got from Glassdoor....any truth to this? "

Poor Management Model, pilots are overworked to the point of exhaustion and expected to work like robots, "don't think, just do" philosophy? The King Air checklist procedures will result in an accident at some point (a lot of "heads down" at critical bases of flight attempting to accomplish this ridiculous checklist that is basically a CYA procedure for the legal department - it borders on being dangerous! The clients always watch their assigned aircraft on an APP, always showing up early and pressuring pilots to accommodate an early departure ALL THE TIME, stressing out crews who NEVER have any time to prepare between flights, or simply grab a quick bite to eat before their next scheduled flight! HIGH stress environment, brokers/sales staff over sells the program but no matter what, pilots have to accommodate and put up with whatever the client is promised. Pilots become burned out very quickly and leave for other jobs"

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