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Default Pinnacle training contract??

I'm going to be interviewing with Pinnacle on Wednesday and I was just finishing up my preinterview paperwork. On the application, (the part for all Pinnacle employees, not just the pilots), I found something that reads like a training contract.


"I understand that Pinnacle Airlines Corp., Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. and or their subsidiaries (hereinafter 'the Company') may, from time to time, elect to send me to specialized technical training schools which will enhance my skills. I further understand that these skills are acquired at considerable cost and in consideration thereof, and if employed, I do hereby agree to reimburse the Company for all reasonable expenses which it incurs as a result of any schooling, technical training seminars, or any other training activity or function I attend should I resign or my employment be terminated for cause within a twelve months following completing said school, course or training."

At the bottom theres a place for me to sign. I wasn't sure what to make of this. I thought Pinnacle didn't have a training contract. What does this apply to?
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