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Originally Posted by Bumm View Post
I'm going to be interviewing with Pinnacle on Wednesday and I was just finishing up my preinterview paperwork. On the application, (the part for all Pinnacle employees, not just the pilots), I found something that reads like a training contract.


"I understand that Pinnacle Airlines Corp., Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. and or their subsidiaries (hereinafter 'the Company') may, from time to time, elect to send me to specialized technical training schools which will enhance my skills. I further understand that these skills are acquired at considerable cost and in consideration thereof, and if employed, I do hereby agree to reimburse the Company for all reasonable expenses which it incurs as a result of any schooling, technical training seminars, or any other training activity or function I attend should I resign or my employment be terminated for cause within a twelve months following completing said school, course or training."

At the bottom theres a place for me to sign. I wasn't sure what to make of this. I thought Pinnacle didn't have a training contract. What does this apply to?
that doesn't apply to pilots,, the form you are filling out is a general employee information form. while paula high was in our class we asked her specifically what that ment. she said it was for company employees who get training from the company,, and she said for example, dispatchers they sent to and paid for their training, anyone who is sent to learn a specific skill (such as base managers going to training, mechanics getting specialized training, etc, etc). infact i think she even told us to mark through it with a big x or something like that. just ask her when you see her, she is very nice and will help you out.

Originally Posted by jfrabell View Post
I read that myself before starting to work here...

I've heard of guys getting their new-hire bonus...then their six month bonus...then going to work for another carrier. I haven't heard of the company trying to recoup any costs.

They never had us sign anything in training, nor did they say anything about it...I don't know.

I'd be interested to hear from someone more in the know.
there is no training contract,, lots and lots of fo's come here, get their type, fly a few hundred hours and move on. the company wouldn't be in the prediciment they are in if everyone who started here knew they had to sign a training contract,, the people that would come here would stay for at least the duration of their contract.
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