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Default Southern Air Hiring: Life on the Line

Hello All, Southern Air is planning a lot of hiring in the new year. Those that may be interested may have a lot of questions about what they could expect out on the line. This is my experience so far as a 737 pilot. This purpose of the thread is to provide the good, the bad and the ugly so to speak. Any other Southern Air pilots feel free to chime in. Please stick to the facts and keep the emotions in check.

Schedules-5 airplanes. Layovers are Winnipeg, Sacramento, Kansas City, Denver and Omaha. Winnipeg and Sacramento are about 30 hours. The others can be as little as 10. Expect to do hub turns coming off of the shorter layovers.

The Good-
-Freight is easy
-Good Crews to fly with
-If you live in Cincinnati, extra nights at home
-Good Support from CP and Associates
-If the merger ever goes through with Atlas good career potential may exist

The Bad-
-No home basing
-SOC with Atlas has been delayed twice
-Commuters often need a crashpad or have to pay for a hotel room
-No jumpseat agreements with Delta or Southwest
-If you're not a resident of KY, OH or IN, there are extra tax liabilities.
-Pilot Contract for 2018 is highly unlikely
-737 has a three year equipment lock
-Hope you like night time flying

Again not trying to influence anyone as I don't know your situation. There have been times in my career where I would liked a few more facts before making a decision on changing jobs. Hopefully this thread will provide you with some insight and you can make the decision that's best for you and your family.
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