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Depends on what the airport requirements are. Some airports require a specific NADP. If so, then the specified NADP is expected to be flown. It may also be runway specific. For example, ANC has NADP 1 required for RWYs 7L, 7R and RW 15. The airport doesn’t specify a NADP for RW33 or RW25 L/R. As such, it is up to the operator as to the NADP they use for those runways. Generally operators have a standard NADP they use, and only use the other NADP if airport requires. The SID has no relevance to the NADP. In your example, if no NADP requirement exists for that airport or runway, then NADP 2 would be the best option. However, if NADP 1 is required for the given runway, then it must be flown regardless of the SID requirement.
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