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Is Gojet going to be around in 6 months? Why do you think so?

Why are there grievances from 2014 that have still not gone to arbitration? (Gojet's first argument is always that the union did not file the grievance properly. That gets arbitrated first. When Gojet loses that they then refuse to go to arbitration on the grievance itself.) When is Gojet going to arbitrate as required by their contract?

Why should someone go to Gojet when they could go to an airline that has stability such as Skywest or Envoy?

Why should someone go to Gojet when Endeavor pays much more?

If a pilot lives in RDU, perhaps not commuting is a reason to go to Gojet. Is there any reason that a pilot who lives in or will commute to Chicago, Denver, or Detroit should go to Gojet and not to Envoy, Republic, or Skywest?

Why did the FAA violate over 60 pilots for one broken switch? (I believe the number was higher than that but I don't have the exact number.)

How have things improved since they got the new DO?

How do we know that things at Gojet have changed?
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