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Originally Posted by Avgeek7248 View Post
What routes do the EMB-120's fly and how long are the flight on average? I'm a CFI looking to get into ameriflight as an FO on the 120 but I've heard you can't log SIC time in the 120. If thats the case I may have to wait and apply for accelerated captain.
If you want to be logging the time quicker, the 120 is the route to go. E120 FO time is loggable for everything since the 120 is certified to require two pilots. The Accelerated Captain Program (ACP) pilots are NOT able to log their FO time for things like ATP or other ratings since the BE99 does not require an SIC. It is loggable toward total time to meet part 135 times (TT, CC, Nt, Inst.)
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