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Default Questions from a potential DEC

So I was at Eagle 2004-2008, got out for a much better job just before the first contractions were announced in 2008. However, I am considering returning due to the HVA program I guess it is called. Please hold all flame type replies, I have done my time as part of the lost generation and am just trying to get the TPIC to get out of these doldrums. However, I want to make sure I understand all the facts. I have done 121 street captain once already, at a place that was in its death throes, and do not want to walk blindly into the wrong situation again. So, here are a few questions that I have already asked of the recruiters, but I wanted to poll the brain trust here as well. Any factual, contract citation, or well thought out replies will be greatly appreciated....

1. Will there be any protection for a HVA hire from displacement back to FO if the fleet shrinks again?
2. If hired as FO and immediately displaced to NCE, will there be any associated seat or base lock? (I can handle a commute to ORD but LGA long term is no bueno)
3. Is there any length of service requirement attached to the $45k bonus?
4. Is there any longevity credit offered for former time at Eagle / Envoy?
5. How well have NCE's and OCE's been able to trip trade via the app to get something like 4 on - 1 off - 4 on - 6 off or so?
6. Have any TDYs been offered to LGA for OCE's? If so, what is the deviation from deadhead policy these days?
7. Is there a compressed "Experienced new hire" footprint, or do I have to go through full EMB systems and sims despite being already 121 type rated and current?
8. What is the current training schedule for indoc, systems, sim, IOE segments, etc for HVAs? Is any of the footprint done as homestudy CBT?
9. When do HVAs start getting paid as CA? (first day of indoc, systems, IOE, after Fed Ride?)
10. HVAs are being flown 100% as PIC, or sometimes as SIC also?
11. HVAs able to bid to OCE in the +/- 3 months timeframe accurate?

Thanks in advance to all...

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