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Originally Posted by havick206 View Post
If I were in your shoes Iíd goto spirit, Endevor, JetBlue. At least youíll get decent pay while you make your way to your end goal.
Bingo, or any of the ACMIís now offering a pay scale and quality of life that in many ways is superior than a flow to the lowest paid legacy.
1st year AA, $80 ph
1st year at many ACMI $110+ ph
Upgrade AA 7-9 years on narrow body
Upgrade at many ACMI, 2-4 years
Top heavy pay 767,777 around 280 ph AA
Top 767/777 at a few ACMI $295ph, both over 12 year period.
One requires commuting to crashpads while on reserve, the ACMI buys real tickets to/from work and you never need a crashpad.
This is just but one example, there are many.

The industry is changing quickly, as we told them it would, there are great jobs out there already, and others are improving their wages and conditions regularly to attract and retain pilots. Flow through programs are losing value everyday.

Look around carefully. With your time and experience going back to start over at a regional isnít the only option, nor is it the best option.
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