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Default Former ASA dispatcher Katie Moore

We often overlook dispatchers... until we need them. Katie was one of, if not the best I ever dealt with. I always knew if I saw her name on the release that I was in good hands, especially on those stormy nights in the SE.
I never knew she was a fellow Army Aviator, but I guess it explains her professionalism and devotion to her job. Fly west.

"My dear ASA family. It is with great sadness I have to report this. Most of the pilots on here remember a Dispatcher we had here for more than ten years. Her name is Katie Moore. Sadly we have received news today that she is in the last stages of her life. She had retired a number of years back and is in Florida. She was one of the many folks in this country that got the Flu. Sadly it developed into double pneumonia. She has been on a respirator and in an induced coma for the last week or so. Her son posted today that Katie was now in the last stages of her life and not expected to live much longer. The pilots will remember her always cheerful "Welcome Home' over 131.15 from Flight Control and all of her cheerful notes on the flight releases. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers in this rough time. Once ASA ALWAYS ASA."
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