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Originally Posted by Aitzero View Post
Hopping on the revived thread bandwagon here - any advice on jumpseating to China? I'm looking at going to CGO, PEK, or PVG in a few months and I've heard some horror stories regarding visas and having problems with customs. Is a regular travel visa okay? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys.
Kalitta Air is currently flying ORD-ANC-China on all three of those routes. I just spent the last three weeks bouncing around on them. PVG has some "creative" passport, security and document ideas and I would avoid flying into or out of the PRC via that city. Every member of my crew had something confiscated by customs there that we have carried in our luggage around the world for years. On another flight passing through I got over two hours in the special customs area because they needed paperwork that according to our handler no other airport in China requires. They also make our loadmasters and mechanics leave the plane with the incoming crew and then wait in the terminal for the out bound crew (even if it is 5 or more hours) before allowing them to return to the aircraft.

Get a hold of K4 and see what kind of documents you need and give us a try. I love having the chance to offer some hospitality.
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