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Originally Posted by howardhughes8 View Post
From the original thread, it had gotten old:

2018 is certainly going to be an interesting year for pilot hiring. With many big airlines increasing their needs, 420 jobs at FDX is simply amazing. That means for three years, FDX will have hired 30% of its pilot workforce. Crazy.
I was thinking the same thing and saw kinda the same numbers. On track to hire around 30% of its list, what could a new hire expect fo seniority progression with those numbers for a 30 yr career?

So please chime in:

1) How many were hired in 2015 (first year of ramped up hiring), 2016, 2017?

2) Is Fedex expected to hire 30-40 month indefinitely? No end in sight?

3) Career progression? What has typically been early retirements on top of mandatory?

4) I hear reserve sucks, but with such movement shouldn’t be long to hold at least a bottom line?

5) System bids very seldom, so movement within fleets almost non existent?

6) People generally happy?

Thank you.
1. I was hired in early summer of 2015 and there are 1020 people junior to me and only about 50 or so hired prior to me that year.

2. Fedex NEEDS to hire to combat the rate of attrition due to mandatory retirements (which will accelerate in 2020) voluntary retirements and medical departures. Additionally business is good in the goods transportation industry up 11.8% YOY meaning fleet plans requiring more bodies.

3 Career Progression? Many have been hired directly into a widebody and we have guys going to the left seat of the 757 after being here 15 months. That's pretty much unprecedented even in the best prior times.

4 Reserve doesn't suck......unless you're a commuter. Our reserve call out policy is pretty inflexible, but depending on the seat and manning reserves don't get used much. So if you commute that means lots of potential time in a crashpad. Of course if you live in base you can bid reserve and only work a couple of days a month. Never forget it pays the same regardless if you turn a wheel or not. And you can make extra $$$ picking up flying on the actual days off.

5 Systems bids are infrequent, but there's plenty of movement. Never fear ceteris paribus you'll be able to find what ever you want.

6. I left a great gig to come hear and I couldn't be happier
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