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Originally Posted by Longbow64 View Post
I'm taking my oral/check ride soon. What might be some of the questions the administrator might ask me. I'm flying from Temple, TX btw, so help me out.
Look through the PTS for the Private and maybe pick-up the Oral Exam guide. Also, ask your CFI or others who have gone with the examiner prior what it was like. That way you will have a good idea of what the ride will be like, and if the examiner has any pet peeves, or things they really like to cover, etc.

Also, like everyone has said, relax the night before. Don't study or even think about it, and get a good nights sleep, and don't skip breakfast. Do not rush through anything, take your time with the maneuvers, set it up properly and it will be much easier.

A tip for the Oral portion is to answer the question that they are asking. Do not give more than what is asked for, if the examiner does not think you answered it completely, they will ask for more. Do not give more than asked or you can easily dig yourself a hole. Keep the answers to the point and you will be fine. If you do not know the answer, don't try and make something up, just let them know you are unsure but you know where you can find it (make sure you know were to find it obviously), and then find the answer.

Good Luck!

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