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Originally Posted by lraber33 View Post
I am interested in Everts as well, most likely the 121 side in the MD-80 (Home Based). 121 qualified with an unrestricted ATP. Anyone know if they will allow home basing from the State of Alaska?
You can be assigned to the L48 MD base. You would have to commute to SEA or PDX because those are the closest home basing gateways to ANC/FAI. ANC base pilots are not "home based."

That said there is a relatively new MD-80 pilot base in ANC, so that would be an option if you live in ANC.

I know they are an Alaska based company but sometimes companies consider Alaska and Hawaii to be "international" and won't home base from either states probably due to cost.
Exactly the reason...cost.

Would also be interested in the ANC based DC-9 FO position but am curious as to where they fly the DC-9 out of ANC. Is it mainly within the State of Alaska or do they do any out of state flying from ANC?
At the present time, the DC-9 and the MD-80 ANC bases fly within the state of Alaska. The airports most frequently served: ANC, FAI, BET, ADQ, OME, OTZ, BRW, AKN, DLI, UNK but we''ve been to GAL, CDV, CDB. The jets go pretty much anywhere that is paved, 6000' long and 150' wide.

That doesn't mean you could be assigned elsewhere. For instance when the hurricane devastated Puerto Rico, we had an MD-80 and a Brasilia that flew relief efforts down there for several weeks.

The ANC DC-9 is being phased out and replaced with MD-80s. One is already permanently assigned there. Another will be coming up for the summer (allegedly!). A fourth MD is currently in door conversion and a fifth is slated for conversion this fall/winter. New hire ANC based pilots will be trained in the MD-80.

PM me with any other questions.
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