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Default CBA 2015 Lessons learned

I'm starting this thread to hopefully provide a resource that might be a little more user friendly than the FAQs in the company's Insite system.

Anyone who has encountered such things as:
1. Expense report pitfalls
2. Interpretations of CBA language that doesn't match expectations
3. Baseline/Established fare issues
4. Deadhead class of service related matters
5. Consistent non-compliance with the CBA by the company.
6. Insite report highlights and responses
7. Any other information that might be worth disseminating

To make this a user friendly resource, I suggest the following:
1. Put a title on each post added to this thread to allow easy identification of the subject.
2. Restrict each post to one specific topic.
3. If you're going to reply to a post and add information about the same subject, quote the whole post you're replying to and use the same title.

Let's not learn these lessons in a vacuum, one lesson at a time, one pilot at a time. If issues are made known to many, then they will be recognized more easily. Insite reports will be consistently submitted and if the problem continues, progress to grievances. Finally, keep the appropriate ALPA committee in the loop when applicable.

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