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Kronan - I dont think anyone is saying that the union shouldnít spend money investigating ways to improve our total retirement... but two problems with the way they are going about it:
A. The deeper they have gone into the pockets, the more ownership theyíll have in the plan and less likely they will be able to call it a turd, if it is a turd. No knock on anyone in the process; thatís human nature.
2) Why havenít they explored any other possibilities? At a focus mtg, I asked PM if they looked into any other options, modeled any other total retirement increases, and he said no... when asked why, the answer was simply, ďwe just havenítĒ.
d - If itís such a great deal for the company, why arenít we asking for the moon? Why outside of section 6 negotiations, where we could ask for other contract fixes in exchange? Unless maybe itís to get guys with three to five years left something on top of their already fully vested A plan...
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