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Default Beware: OK Aviation Medical Consulting

If you value your pilot license please do not use Lisa at OK Aviation Consulting. I hired Lisa on Thursday June 21, 2018. She told me that she has connections at the FAA and could find out whats going on with my medical by Monday. I sent her the $900. On Monday she emailed me that the FAA was busy on Monday's that she would find out Tuesday. I did not hear anything back from her until the following Monday and she still did not find out anything. Since time was of the essence and my pilot license is very important, I went out and hired an attorney to help me.

Also, part of Lisa's service is to assist you in writing an "amesty" letter. She will send you four example letters for you to follow and use. These letters were terrible and looked like a grade school student wrote them. Again, if you value your pilot license, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!! Lisa does not keep her word and her service and company will do nothing for you.

If you have medical issues, hire an attorney who can actually help you. Not someone who claims to be a medical consultant. She probably doesn't even have a medical background. PLEASE...BEWARE!!!
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