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Originally Posted by PA18 View Post
Can someone translate this from their hiring ad:

“Do not use IRO for PIC”?
Don't claim as pilot in command experience that time spent as a third-wheel in a crew when you're not at the controls.

The IRO rides along, and sits in one of the two seats when the flying crewmember is out of the seat. When a flight is long enough to require a IRO, due to flight time limitations, the IRO spends time in the pilot seats enroute. While the IRO may occupy the captain's seat, he or she is not the captain, and should not log it as PIC on a 121 flight in which the certificate holder has designated a PIC.

In other words, sole manipulator, a captain does not make: they want you to show PIC the time you were actually the PIC, not simply flying the airplane.
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