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Originally Posted by DarinFred View Post
Of course the company is privy to that info. We have defined paths where that info flows. What was happening was those paths were being shortcutted and the info was flowing directly to management to cover up mx discrepancies and also used to go after pilots. If you donít see a conflict here, I donít know what to tell you. The FAA is the oversight authority to the company. They shouldnít be working in cahoots to bypass that oversight. We have a lot of heavy mx outsourced overseas. Do you now have 100% faith that your airplane is airworthy even with a clean logbook? Do you have 100% faith that your ASAP report calling out the companies failures and reg breaking wonít end up in some vindictive managers hands?

Thereís a problem here...
I transferred to a LAA base over a year ago and am seeing now lots of mx issues. Not sure, if it is a combination of unhappy mx people being new to the airplane or what, but the delays resulting from those issues are embarrassing to our pax. The classic line from MX is usually what an effed up French airplane that is and blablabla, but yet they canít answer why at my former LUS base I saw only once two MELs.

100% faith that the plane is airworthy? F NO! I got one plane from the hangar with two dents in the RVSM critical area AND had to argue with line mx about it. The head mx guy checking into this issue refused to tell where the repairs had been made.
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