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Originally Posted by BtownPilot View Post
It was suppose to be 18 months as their post said. after turning down 4 other jobs and spending the money to move for the job, they slapped a 2.5 year contract. I had no choice but to sign because I would be out of a job, and spent the money saved for the move. training was fast, was a type rating and I got off IOE 2nd trip. They also guaranteed at 1500 for upgrade which didn't happen. thats why I do not want to stay for those reasons. Also the hires just before me had a 20-25k contract they gave me a 53K contract. Last day of contract balance - 25K and first page of contracts states the employee balance is due on last day of contract' which never happens but they could potentially still request that.

I am at 1 year now. Currently with offers to Regionals.
Your basis for breaking the contract is that it wasn't what the advertisement said?

What the ad said is irrelevant. What you signed is relevant. Very, very relevant. It's a legal document and you signed it.

What the new-hires before you had for a contract is irrelevant. They signed it. Not you. What you signed is relevant. Very, very relevant. It's a legal document, and you signed it.

You're asking legal questions and talking very generally. When you write that "they also guaranteed at 1500 hours for upgrade," what do you mean?

You really think that you should be automatically upgraded, regardless of need, your skill or ability or aptitude for the position? Does your contract guarantee in writing that at 1,500 hours, come hell or high water, no matter what may happen or no matter the company needs or your skill, proficiency, ability, or fitness for the job, you'll be upgraded, without exception? If so, that's some guarantee.

Does the contract say that you'll be eligible for upgrade after 1,500 hours?

Did you know about the contract before you quit your job, pulled up stakes, and moved? Would it not have been a wise idea to review the contract BEFORE making a commitment of that magnitude?

You didn't like the contract, but you signed it. You got what you wanted. You got your type rating (which has value and a cost attached) and you don't want to give the service to which you agreed. Your position is that you haven't been upgraded and that an advertisement indicated you'd have a shorter contract, neither of which are particularly relevant to the issue of you having signed the contract.

You're asking the legalities here, so be specific.
What does the contract spell out for upgrade?
What are the terms of the contract?
Is the contract pro-rated?
Does the contract stipulate separation conditions? Under what conditions can you separate? What conditions can the company cause you to separate, and what does the contract stipulate for each?

It's very hard to understand what you're attempting to say...but it sounds like you suggested that after the completion of your contract, you're expected to pay out 25,000. I find that very difficult to believe, which suggests that either you've being too vague and imprecise in your description, or you really don't know what the terms of the contract are.

Have you approached the company about release from your contract?
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