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Originally Posted by GuardPolice View Post
Where did I say I supported it?

Where did I throw stones?

Offering a correct interpretation of what was in the memo along with the correct info about mainline DH policy is important to the discussion. If youíll calmly reread the memo and then some of these posts above youíll see there are misconceptions out in the ether. I would expect you to correct something like this on a mainline thread.

Youíre attacking my character now? I get it. Youíre overly emotional about this and it shows in your posts. Itís not the first time youíve worn your emotions on your sleeve on this forum. Youíre interpreting blunt, short posts as ďthrowing stones.Ē Am I supposed to pat you on the back and say everything is going to be ok? I mean, come on, we're all adults here.

Countless mainline DHers get stuck in middle seats, too. Thatís a consequence of flying for successful airlines sometime.

Again, youíre attacking someone whoís trying to give context. If you donít care then donít read and quote. I fully expect them to come after us about this, too. Itís only a matter of time.
Iím not attacking your character. Iím saying your posts speak volumes of your character. I didnít name specifics. But I suppose it warranted the personal attack regarding me wearing my emotions on my sleeve in this forum? And yes, we are all adults. And we are both flying Delta passengers. If I interpret this correctly Iíll be stuck in the back on an Endeavor flight on a deadhead while Delta Mainline is in first class deadheading? Iím pretty sure that youíd be emotional about it too
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