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Originally Posted by Christian102001 View Post
How do you lose your medical? What if your healthy.
I knew a man who had flown for almost 40 yrs. It was his life. When I met said man 6 yrs ago. He never had medical event. He flew for the majors and was a Capt. 3 months into knowing him he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so out of work for 3 months until medicine and diet were under control. Next year it was blood pressure. The guy was approaching his late 50’s. At the age of 61 he had 20 yrs at the majors plus military and private contract work. He got cancer. Every year after the 1st medical event it was something after another for him to fight for his first class medical.
Then 2016 he got weird lab results back after a physical that was required by his airline which is every airline. Normal everyday physical that is required. His blood work was off Rbcs, wbcs and platelets. I knew then some was very wrong. He had cancer and not the nice kind, it was very aggressive not much time on this earth kind.

Trust me it was very hard to watch a person not be able to fly to finally it was taken away from him before he was ready. He died 13 months after the cancer diagnosis. He retired because it was forced but not because he reached the age of 65. But he did have a plan B. His degree was never aviation.
Always have a plan B. I do and I will always have plan B because I have learned nothing is a guarantee. I am lucky because I am healthy and I get to fly. Btw age is a very contributing factor. Your body does weird things as you get older. My body is not the same as it was when I was in my 20’s. I wish I had my brain now and the stamina when I was 26.

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