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Default Here is why plan B

Originally Posted by Christian102001 View Post
People on this forum are telling aspiring pilots to not get a degree in aviation. Why? What will prevent you from not being able to accomplish ?
I agree with John Burke on a lot of his posts. He is right. I will not just say of knowing someone who always had a plan B. I worked for a major airline for 15 yrs. Awesome company, however I got hurt on the job that led to 5 knee surgeries. 3 on one knee, two on another. I was completely healthy no issues at all. This weird thing happened out of the blue. I was just walking and knee gave out on the job. Well the doctors told me to have a back up plan because I might be able to get back to 100%. I had spent my 20ís playing around jumpseating everywhere. I decided to have back up plan I did get another degree not related to Airlines at all. It saved my earning capacity. You never know when life is going to hit you and it will, it always does in one form or another.
Do not rely on just on one profession always have a back up plan.
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