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Originally Posted by jupiter87140 View Post
Thanks all for your replies!

I passed a first class medical in June before starting training. This issue did not come up because I have never been diagnosed with any neurological condition, and it ONLY shows up when I attempt to write with my left hand, never at anytime else, whether that be driving or in the cockpit. But it shows up when, at the end of the flight, we have to fill out a book with date, time, Hobbs time, tach time, instructor/student name, etc. I have had the instructor fill this out for me each time we are done flying because I wasnít able to do it, and that was when he indicated this could be a problem with me getting my license.

I do handwriting at no other time than this. Iím normally on a keyboard all the time, as Iíve gone electronic and paperless in my life. Flying has brought this issue once again to the forefront, as it only happens when writing.

There is no shaking in my right hand, so Iím trying to teach myself how to write with my right hand. Perhaps I should have addressed this issue before, but there has simply never been any reason to because I have been 100 percent keyboard communicating.

Itís just really hard to believe that an issue that ONLY shows up when writing could derail me from flying.

Am I doing this for career? Not sure. Iíd like to get the private license, see how that goes, and go from there.

With this additional information, Iíd like to hear more of your thoughts.

If it's just an isolated tremor, it won't derail you. You can even fly with parkinsons but I really don't think that's it.

The FAA medical form doesn't just ask "have you ever been diagnosed" it asks "have you ever had, or do you have". So technically you should report it, although they would have no way of knowing. But you should go see a regular doc first so you can tell the AME what the problem is.

But now that your CFI knows and is concerned, I think you need to get it checked out and report it to the AME... that will solve the issue with your CFI. Again I don't think this a big deal at all, but not reporting it could be a big deal.
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