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Originally Posted by Blackhawk View Post
Another consideration. How long to retirement. Based on my age I will never see the Max FO pay at UPS or FedEx, much less the max CA pay. At another carrier, yes. At someplace like Kalitta I have a chance of making CA pay in the next 10 years. As much as the max CA pay at FedEx or UPS? Nope. But probably more than I would make there as an FO.
Also, I think Kalitta domestic DH is 50%, but international is 100%:
In present market and retirement rates, today's new hires at FedEx or UPS will be Captain at 10 years if they choose. Don't discount these two contracts additional DCP and DBP compensation which is not insignificant plus higher monthly guarantee hours.
Cant accurately foretell the future at any place though.
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