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I'm always concerned when we talk of voting down a bogus TA like it's easy to do.

True, it's a legitimate card to play if necessary, but it's kind of like the "last" card to play, and there is danger in that.

Road shows are 100% pro-TA campaigns with big resources behind them, funded by all of us (even those who hate the TA will pay for it's promotion) There is never anything close to a funded and organized counter campaign to a TA. It will only consist of talks in the cockpit and APC postings. Road shows will have designated meetings, power point presentations, vocal union officials, and everything will be spun to sound amazing.

If the NC lets a TA out of the box before it's fair and honest and what we deserve, we have already lost.

Of course if it sucks bad enough we will vote it down, but the threshold for accepting or being buffaloed into accepting crap increases precipitously once something exists to vote on.

I wan't a TA worth having that won't just pass by narrowest of margin.
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