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Your not doing yourself any favors coming to SAI. You are not going to get a lot of experience as you will not actually be doing a lot of flying. 737 lines average about 35 hours a month. 777 lines are a lot higher but due to the nature of the flying your not actually accumulating any meaningful flight experience, what your learning is how to get rest on a 15+ hour leg. As an FO you will constantly be fighting to maintain currency.

If you are a low time pilot and think this is your golden opportunity to get a leg up on your career you will be sadly mistaken. Pay your dues, and get some real experience.

Things are still changing here, certainly not for the better. The LOA is a bandaid on a battle wound. The benefits of it have yet to be realized, and are not as great as what many would think. There are some things that are even worse than what we had before. If there is one thing that Atlas excels at it's screwing pilots, and they did that with this LOA. Don't think that they were being generous.

The biggest thing at SAI is an atmosphere of extreme uncertainty, more so now than at any other time that I have experienced. There are bad things on the horizon.
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