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Having watched decades of major airline hiring practices and having had a family member go through the current med school application process (successfully, so this is not about being bitter) -- yea. At some point it should be a lottery.

You have a position that attracts thousands of applications. You work that down via reasonable screening criteria and interviews to a number that is still much higher than you are going to hire. What is left? The final process becomes petty and often results in classes made up of clones selected on the basis of the latest HR fad and those who have the best connections.

Design the hiring system using best practices. And if at the end of that there are excess applicants then yes, lottery. The end result would be much better.

Agree. Far better than pseudo science like personality testing. And eventually someone is going to take them to court alleging discrimination because of perceived disability and the airline is going to have to show a business case justifying use of the Hogan - which they will be totally unable to do since so many other companies and organizations (including the US military) manage to successfully pick pilots without it - and the test will fade into history.
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