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Default Community College

If you don't want to take the 4 years and still get to use your college credit, you need to look at community colleges and other 2-year schools. Liberty University is a 4-year school.

Community College of Baltimore County just received their 141 certification this year and their program lists the flight training as a lab fee.
Community College of Beaver County, Community College of Alleghany County, and Lehigh Carbon Community College are in PA, (Pennsylvania is icing country and gets some awesome cloud coverage, really can monkey with your flight training timeline, but the clouds are awesome for building actual instrument time after you get the private certificate).

Also, Cochise County in AZ.

Lastly, does the Purdue program have you spending the last year or two as a CFI for them? That gets you building hours that you are going to have to have before you can work for a 121 carrier (airlines). Albeit, with a full student load (classwork), I presume. But if you are already building experience, it isn't just wasted time to get to flying.
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