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Originally Posted by 59lracc View Post
With the major airlines hiring so many qualified pilots, are conditions improving in second tier jobs like Air Ambulance Pilots? I will retiring with a military pension soon and so I can afford to put quality of life ahead of pay. I have the resume for a major, but I donít see wanting to work the airlines long enough to see the big paycheck so spending 5-10 years at the bottom of a seniority list isnít appealing.

The aspects of air Ambulance that appeal to me are:
1. Can live in a small town in a nice area without commuting.
2. Wonít spend much time away from home in hotels.
3. In some cases, can be on standby from home.
4. Fly a lot less than airlines, (I donít need to build hours).

Can anyone with first hand knowledge confirm that my expectations are realistic?

Thank you!
How about trying airline flying ( top six ) if you can get on , first . You can always get an air ambulance position later if airline flying isnít for you .
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