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Default Where to go next?

Hello everyone,

Been on this forum for some time now and have posted some threads back when I was fresh out of high school. Fast forward to today and I have taken advice from local pilots and many of you on this site. I recently just graduated college with a B.S in Business Administration with a focus in Logistics. I have about 3 years of management experience under my belt and have learned a lot throughout my experiences through college and the business world. I am now 23 years old and ready to take this leap, going full throttle into flight training. I'm not happy with what I am doing currently. Aviation as always been my passion of mine and its about time I just go for it.

Currently I live in Fort Walton Beach FL, I have visited VPS and KPNS and looked into their flight programs. So far I'm not all too enthused with my choices. I have nothing here holding me back from traveling out of state for other options...I have looked at ATP, US Aviation Academy, Aerosim, and Epic Flight Academy. My main goal is to get all my ratings quickly as possible without spending $100,000's. So my question for all of you is, where should I spend my time flight training? Thanks for all your help!

- Tony
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