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Default GAMA / Wheels Up - Current Pilot Information

Gama Pilots,

Thank you in advance for sharing your answers and experiences.

Iím looking at joining Gama with the focuses being on schedule, quality of life, and benefits. Iíll be coming in as a Captain with quite a bit of corporate and 135 experience over the span of 20 years. Not looking to achieve Airlines. I am a corporate pilot. The pay seems to be OK, and the benefits seem very nice, but itís always the little nuansecs that can make or break a job.

Iíd like to ask the current pilot pool about their experiences.

Is the 8 on 6 off schedule worth how hard you work during the 8 on?

How hard do you actually work? Legs, hours, etc.

Are the hotel accommodations nice?

Do you receive crew meals?

How is the airline travel back and forth?

How is the equipment?

Do you have to change the Ďhoney potí yourself every leg?

What are things to be aware of when making the decision, that isnít advertised during the hiring process?

Are you basically looking towards greener fields, or do you feel content to stay with Gama for a long time?

Anything and everything that can be added to the conversation to aid in a decision is deeply appreciated. Thank you!
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