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Answers are under your questions.

Originally Posted by CodyJude View Post
Gama Pilots,

Thank you in advance for sharing your answers and experiences.

Iím looking at joining Gama with the focuses being on schedule, quality of life, and benefits. Iíll be coming in as a Captain with quite a bit of corporate and 135 experience over the span of 20 years. Not looking to achieve Airlines. I am a corporate pilot. The pay seems to be OK, and the benefits seem very nice, but itís always the little nuansecs that can make or break a job.

Iíd like to ask the current pilot pool about their experiences.

Is the 8 on 6 off schedule worth how hard you work during the 8 on?
Yes. No stress with commuting, if your flight is late itís the companyís problem. If the flight is full, who cares you have a paid seat.
I am based in a medium sized city on the east coast and my normal day one starts around 9 or 10 am and day 8 get home around 7-8 pm.

How hard do you actually work? Legs, hours, etc.
Average 3-4 lets a day, more in the summer with an occasional 5-6 leg day. Gama doesnít put us on duty after 10 hours of rest like Iíve read some other companyís do. Donít get me wrong, there are some min rest nights but itís maybe 2 times a tour.

Are the hotel accommodations nice?
Their go to is Hilton Garden Inn and Embassy Suites. Iím happy with the selections.

Do you receive crew meals?
All you have to do is send an email request and you can get one. We also have the option of using Uber eats.

How is the airline travel back and forth?
No complaints. They wonít send you to a weird connection just to save a buck.

How is the equipment?
Planes are within 5 years old. Things break and I have never had pushback for writing anything up.

Do you have to change the Ďhoney potí yourself every leg?
Not every leg, just if it is used. Iíve never actually had to empty and put blue juice in, the ground guys do it. All we have to do is remove it from the aircraft and reinstall it.

What are things to be aware of when making the decision, that isnít advertised during the hiring process?
Some days you will work very hard and with no APU in the hot summer. Other days you will be board doing airport standby and everything in between.

Are you basically looking towards greener fields, or do you feel content to stay with Gama for a long time?

Most guys seem to be happy and I donít hear many people complain that they have to get out as quick as possible.

Anything and everything that can be added to the conversation to aid in a decision is deeply appreciated. Thank you!
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