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I looked in the NBAA directory, the have one G550 based at KSJC. Gulfstream jobs, even in today’s market, tend to go to experienced Gulfstream pilots, but anything is possible. In SJC, a current corporate pilot with international experience without the type, would be in the 150k-180k range. Typed, add on 30k, probably as F/O. Captains would be 250k-300k.

Likely a long shot being non-current and no corporate or international experience, but you won’t know til you apply.

Single plane operations go all over the map on pay, schedule, QOL—great to horrible. Nike and Coke being at the latter end, some great PE owners being at the great end. If they have four pilots, it’ll probably be pretty good—two weeks on, two off; no on-call. If it’s two pilots—go for the exits. Three is somewhere in between depending on the particulars. Ask about expenses, life on the road. Generous expense account and Marriott hotels make life better.

I know a guy who works for a private equity owner—turned down UA recall. Great expenses, three pilots, very set schedule, no on-call (owner just doesn’t work that way), very open expenses, great investment plan and all commuting paid.

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