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Originally Posted by friend View Post
Hi guys

I have been out of flying for 11 years was a fo on the emb145 with 600 hours sic time before i got furloughed and never went back to flying

I have a very good friend who is a senior of HR department At paypal who told my wife that paypal is looking for pilots and i live in the bay area and was thinking is this a good option for me. I dont know what they fly would be based out of san jose, ca airport and dont know what the pay or schedule is

I have two kids now work part time to be with kids and wife makes sustainable income and i am not sure if i should make the move should i wait anf ser what the regionals will do in a few years.
I imagine i would be on 24hr call and have no life

Any input would be greatly appriecated
No offense, but why would you think you could even get this job?
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