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Originally Posted by FlyCO View Post
Yes, there is still a 2 year contract prorated for 24 months. Shouldn't be more than 15k. You will get a PIC type and they will pay for ATP-CTP if you need it.

SIC Pay:
1: 54,750
2: 56,750
3: 58,750
4: 60,750
5: 62,750

PIC Light & Mid Pay
1: 87,000
2: 90,000
3: 93,000
4: 96,000
5: 99,000

The pay scale continues up to year 12. The large and super mids have another pay scale for Pics but it will take you 7-8 years before you will touch one of those as a captain.

Upgrade is at 3000 hours total time and about 18 months with the company.

QOL is okay to good on the road. No rental cars but you can uber on the company. You get a meal paid for if you have a duty over 6 hours and you are flying. Hotels are mostly Marriott and Hilton properties.

Expect to fly 400 hours a year. Busy days are 4-5 leg days. Standars is 2-3. Some weeks you are on min rest all week. Others you may only fly 10 hours over your 8 day rotation. Expect to have a 6am flight on day 1 and not landing at your home airport until at least 5pm on day 8.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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