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Originally Posted by Wilfortina View Post
Hi all, Iíve perused this forum up and down and canít seem to find info about the Indy base. Are there still just 2 airplanes based there? How senior/stagnant is it there? I know the whole company is stagnant right now, but does anyone have any predictions? How are the trips?


There might be 3 airplanes. Indy seems like a good base, they fill up the airplane. I could see it getting bigger. Any growth in this company is directly linked to availability of used Airbus aircraft at a price they want to pay. They are an opportunistic buyer of airplanes. Aircraft availability drives the growth of this company, not the other way around.

In my opinion, its a double edged sword. On one hand, the company would be well positioned for a downturn in the economy, but on the other hand there is no growth or movement at a time when pilots are rapidly gaining in seniority at any other airline.
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