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Originally Posted by PotatoChip View Post
And you had to create a new username you were so disliked. Here we are...
And it wasnít a serious question. Seven years on property would put me a 737 captain flying min guarantee making less than I make now as a regional captain on second year pay. What a joke.
Nope I lost my previous account. Havenít you gotten your dream job yet? Wasnít it FDX and now SWA or is it Delta? I mean come on itís owed to you isnít it? You shouldnít have to stick with one job thatís less than ideal. You should just get hired right at the top because you are Potatochip and deserve special treatment. Furloughs unfortunately are part of this career.

My point is if you had followed the normal pilot pathway you probably would be at one of your dream jobs. Lots of Southern pilots hired after you have done just that. You jump from one airline to another and get no where.

You sir are a poor career decision maker
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