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As a Riddle grad myself, If I could do it over..... I would get a degree from a good local college in business and get all the flying from a 141 operations that would probably hire you as a flight instructor later. You can try on your own to get on with the regionals, If you can't, you can use some of the money you saved by not going to Riddle to pay for some right seat complex aircraft time.

I owe Riddle about 90K still !! (95 grad), I thought I would put it off until I got into the majors making 100k+ and chop it down quick, but I'm still at the regionals. Now if you really want to go to Riddle get an engineering degree because that would be useful later in life and fly at a local cheap FBO.

I really enjoyed going to Riddle, got the Aeronautical Science Degree. I would have gotten a lot more out of the aerodynamic, performance, and physics courses if I could take them now that I am flying some sophisticated aircraft. My degree does me no good if I get out of Aviation. Just my two $
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