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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
That's really completely unrelated to this thread. Your question is a legal one as asked, though in reality it's safety related, and should be in it's own thread.

If you are legal insofar as currency in category and class (landings), you're legal to fly the airplane.

If you are not familiar, you should seek the necessary checkout, and you should treat it the same as the airbus you're flying now. It's sometimes said that a Piper Cub will still kill you, just a bit more slowly (which is not always true); the 310 will kill you just as the airbus...but faster. Understand the fuel system, understand the limitations, understand that Vmca is critical and the ability to get there easier and faster than in the Airbus, and you don't have second segment performance that you can depend on in the airbus. All likely familiar, but if you're not current in light airplanes or checked out in the airplane with recent experience, easy to get you in trouble, too.

Remember that in the airbus, you're looking for a return to the runway with an engine out. In the 310, depending on circumstance, you may not have that option. The 310 does better than many light twins on one engine, but it's still a light twin; if you're not current or checked out, approach it seriously, get the checkout and know the airplane.

Read the thread; your question has absolutely nothing to do with the subject.
I think he made it clear about safety and check out, etc etc etc. Why do people here feel the need to proselytize on and on about why he shouldn't without a check out. Was a simple question he was asking. What he legal. Yep, you are.
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