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Originally Posted by CptGSXR View Post
Back to the OP.

There is no pilot shortage.

A person with 5100hr TT, 4100hr 121 Time, 900Hrs 121PIC, a college degree and no training failures can't even get an interview at anything above a regional. Atlas, ABX, Southern, Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest and ATI wont even offer an interview. And all that after spending $$ on application review services and resume re-writes just make sure there wasn't some simple mistake that would get application denied.

So ya, no pilot shortage, just PR garbage to get highschool kids to get mom and dad to drop $$ on training (or if they pay for it themselves they get the distinct honor of student loan debt for the rest of their lives)

Do you just fly your line and go home? Any extracurriculars?

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