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Hello guys, I知 looking for a good and professional flying school everywhere in USA. My girlfriend lives in Michigan and obviously I would like to find a good school as close as possible to her, but I can manage to live far away during the study period (we survived when I was in Italy so we can bear some weeks away) I worked for my whole life saving money for this dream and when I値l finish with my mission abroad I値l be ready to start, but where?

I know that the weather are an important fact and Michigan I think it isn稚 the best place , I think. I知 not young and I知 scared about wasting time.

I知 losing looking through ATP Aviator College Epic flying Academy skymates etc etc

Thanks to anyone can give me some suggestions
I agree with tired soul. Going through a mom and pop part 61 is almost always cheaper, and offers you flexibility. Best part is, if you're motivated, you can get everything done as quickly as your wallet can expel money

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